Fort Lauderdale Wave Wall and Promenade

In the late 1980s, the beachfront of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was vastly transformed when the 2-mile-long Wave Wall and Promenade were built, in addition to the redesign of coastal Route A1A to include planted medians and bike lanes. This streetscape improvement project was designed by EDSA, a Florida-based landscape architecture firm. I visited the beach in April, and enjoyed my walks along this promenade. I was impressed not only by the design, but also by how well it has held up over the decades.

Ft. Lauderdale promenade 1

Ft. Lauderdale promenade 2

Ft. Lauderdale promenade 3

Ft. Lauderdale promenade 4
Photos by Alice Webb

5 thoughts on “Fort Lauderdale Wave Wall and Promenade

  1. Steven Maass

    I just ran across this blog. I was the contractor who built that wall and many of the amenities such as the precast shower stands, bike racks, precast tree grates and all of the park-like components that the roadway contractor didn’t want to deal with. I recall working with the people at EDSA, who were great, to get all those things right, especially the fiber optic feature light embedded into that wall and the signature concrete raps at each beach entrance. I prepared for two months building prototypes of these features in my father’s company Pompano Beach warehouse.Once on the site I had to make my guys work with their backs to the ocean because production plummeted when the faced the other way for gawking at the sun-bathers.

    1. You did an excellent job on that project (as did EDSA with their design), and it still looks great after all these years. Very impressive indeed. It’s nice to hear your story about the construction process, and I love the part about making the guys face away from the beach!

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